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Winding Rotor Automatic Dynamic Balancing Machine

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Winding Rotor Automatic Balancing Machines


Manual loading and unloading.

Intelligent man-machine interface.

Advanced balancing machine measuring software.

Automatic measurement automatic sharp cutter milling correction automatic retest.

Can do twice balance correction for workpieces.

Soft bearing high precision balancing measuring system.

Rigid structural design longer service life.

Widely used in various types of micro-motor rotor electric tools rotor starter motor rotor's balance correction.

Technical Specification

Winding Rotor Milling Two-Station Automatic Balancing Machine

Technical data at a glance A2WX21
Max Weight of Workpiece (kg) 1.6
Max Diameter of Workpiece (mm) 35-60
Rotor Length (mm) 150
Journal Diameter (mm) φ6-16
Balancing Speed (r/min) ,≤2500
Balancing Motor Power (kw) 0.4 KW Servo Motor
Min Achievable Residual Unbalance Amount ( ≤0.2
Testing Time (second) 5-9
Reduction Rate of Unbalance ≥90%
Working Pressure (MPa) 0.4-0.6
Operating Voltage (V) AC: 380V external
Milling Mode V/R/T type cutter
Drilling Power (kw) 0.75
Balancing Machine Type Soft Bearing Measuring Bracket
Machine Power (kw) 6.75 
Average Machine Consumption(l/min) 35
Computer Touch Screen 12〃Weinview
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