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Laser Shaft Alignment Tools

Laser shaft alignment system / Laser pulley alignment / Vibration & balancing instruments

About Product

We are pleased to present the newest innovation in wireless portable laser shaft alignment technology, the VLSAT.

The ONLY 3 Operating System Laser Shaft Alignment System in the world, VLSAT is available on Microsoft Windows®, Android® and iOS® for iPad®. You have a choice with VIBRO-LASER. Select your display tablet option from those we offer, or bring your own device that meets or exceeds our minimum requirements. VLSAT is ergonomically designed for the most rugged environments. This product others an absolutely innovative, step-by-step, responsive interface with 3D-animations and wide touch screen which simplifies the alignment process and reduces the time it takes to complete each alignment.

The unbeatable functionality and the undeniable performance capabilities of VLSAT systems allow you to complete precise alignments for your rotating assets every time. Rugged, Repeatable, and Relentlessly Reliable your VIBRO-LASER VLSAT system will prove to be an invaluable asset in your reliability toolkit.

VLSAT is available for

Laser Shaft Alignment Tool for android

Android® tablets

Laser Shaft Alignment Tool for Microsoft Windows

Microsoft Windows®

Laser Shaft Alignment Tool ios

iOS® for iPad

System Advantages

Improve asset availability & uptime through precision alignment.

Reduce unnecessary costs associated with unplanned failures & premature wear

Reduce your energy Consumption.

Wireless Bluetooth® Communication for Safety

More efficient, and faster than dial indicators

5-Steps-Simple alignment Process

Laser Shaft Alignment Tools
Laser Shaft Alignment Tool

Sensor Units

Degree of protection IP65

Operating time 20 Hours

Operating temperature: 14oF to 140oF (-10oC to +60oC)

Detector type Digital CCD detector 30mm

Measurement distance Up to 10m

The VLSAT sensor units use the latest digital, and Bluetooth® data processing technology. Eliminating pre-alignment and minimizing setup time is intrinsically engineered into the VLSAT through the utilization of our exclusive 30mm CCD-detectors. This provides you with exact and stable measurement results and enables the system to be more interference-immune from the external factors (stray light, vibration, thermal growth etc.). Thanks to the compact and durable aluminum case of the sensor units, you can work in the most confined and harsh environments.


Laser Shaft Alignment Tool - Horizontal


Laser Shaft Alignment Tool - Thermal Growth Correction


Easily and accurately compensate for thermal growth using the VLSAT thermal growth correction module.

Laser Shaft Alignment Tool - Clock Method


This alignment method requires collecting a measurement points at any 3 of the 4 pre-defined clock positions. (3-6-9-12 o’clock).

Laser Shaft Alignment Tool - Vertical


Vertical shafts alignment is carried out by moving the machine flange/coupling until the axes are coaxial enough to stay in the assigned limits.
Note! Coupled and Uncoupled Shaft.

Laser Shaft Alignment Tool - Soft Foot


Before any alignment soft foot should be addressed.

Laser Shaft Alignment Tool - Machine Train


This alignment method is for aligning multiple components across several couplings. Coming soon

Laser Shaft Alignment Tool - Point Method


This alignment method allows you to begin collecting measurement points at any angle of shaft rotation and automatically collects a measurement anytime you stop rotation. Minimum of 40 degrees of rotation is required.

Laser Shaft Alignment Tool - cut angle


This alignment method is best used when 180 degrees of shaft rotation is not possible. The minimum required shaft rotation is 40 degrees. The more rotation, the better and more precise the alignment.


Laser Shaft Alignment Tool - Zone Expansion

Zone Expansion

Unique technology that reduces the efffects of high vibration and competing light sources on precision alignment.

laser-shaft-alignment Sensor Unit Readings

Sensor Unit Readings

The display shows data received directly from thesensor units (position of the laser beam on the sensor and inclinometer).

laser-shaft-alignment Multiple Sets Of Feet (Coming Soon)

Multiple Sets Of Feet (Coming Soon)

Allows the user to align machines with more than two sets of feet.

laser-shaft-alignment Smart Measurement Value Filter

Smart Measurement Value Filter

Statistically analyzesmeasurement values and normalizes data collected utilizing a 95% confidence interval to insure the data points used to calculate alignment corrections are representative of the entire dataset. Best used in high vibration areas. (coming soon).

 laser-shaft-alignment Choose your system of measurement

Choose your system of measurement

Touch the Icon “Sensor units search”. After initial use the sensor units the software will automatically connect to the applicable heads.

 laser-shaft-alignment SwitchIT™ Function

SwitchIT™ Function (coming soon)

Before any alignment soft foot should be addressed.

laser-shaft-alignment Continue Alignment

Continue Alignment

Start a new alignment, redo a previously completed alignment, or save at any step in the alignment process and go back to finish anytime.

Saving Data and Report Creation

laser-shaft-alignment Saving Data

Saving Data

Saves your alignment job and all respective measurements, photos, and details to the database for easy access later.

laser-shaft-alignment Report Creation

Report Creation

Generates a PDF report.

laser-shaft-alignment Add Photo

Add Photo

Allows the user to take a photo with their devices internal camera of the machine being aligned for reporting purposes.

laser-shaft-alignment Send The Reports

Send The Reports

When configured allows the user to easily send reports via their email client / service.

laser-shaft-alignment Send To USB

Send To USB

Allows the user to export alignment job data to USB for use with other VIBRO-LASER systems..

laser-shaft-alignment Add Notes

Add Notes

Allows the user to manually enter notes related to the alignment job or about the machine being aligned. This tool is great for general observations.

laser-shaft-alignment what ia in the case

1. Display unit (1pcs IF INCLUDED).

2. Sensor unit S (1pcs).

3. Sensor unit M (1pcs)

4. Complete v-bracket (2pcs).

5. Carring bag (1pcs).

6. Chain with lock (2pcs).

7. Display unit adapter (1pcs).

8. Sensor units adapter (1pcs).

9. USB cable (2pcs)..

10. Tape measure (1pcs).


8 inch tablet for laser-shaft-alignment

Tablet- 8 inch

10 inch tablet for laser-shaft-alignment

Tablet- 10 inch

VLSAT Accessories

VLSAT Accessories
VLSAT Accessories
VLSAT Accessories
VLSAT Accessories
VLSAT Accessories
VLSAT Accessories
VLSAT Accessories