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On Site Balancing Services

On Site Balancing Services

About Service

On Site Balancing Services provide a practically efficient method for test facilities, assembly and plant maintenance to balance a complete rotor assembly in position, avoiding disassembly of equipment, cost of transport, labour and down-time.

After balancing we will follow Standard-IS 11724, ISO 2372, BS 4675 or VDE 2056 Specifications standard for further assessment.

We have experienced personnel for attending such services regularly all over India for various applications such as

ID/FD Fans

Centrifugal Basket assembly

Cooling Tower Fan assembly

Turbine Alternators

Fibrizor Rotor assembly

Textiles Mill high speed bobbins & spindles

CNC Machine tool holders/boring bars etc

Vibration Analysis And Repairs

About Service

We offer a complete range of services of Vibration Analysis, troubleshoot and correct machine condition regularly as well as annual maintenance contract [AMC].

On 'BMC Matunga Pumping station service' initial analysis the Vibration level found was above 50 mm/s and as per our assessment root cause was found to be shaft bend as well as system un-balanced. Accordingly these was attended and rectified at our Rabale Factory and final result on the assembly pump overall vibration was less than 3 mm/s.

On Site Balancing Services

The above image shows a similar type of job undertaken by us recently on Pump assembly for BMC Matunga Pumping station.