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Dynamic Balancing is a method used to eliminate vibration created by unequal centrifugal forces introduced during manufacture.  These forces are usually a result of density irregularities in the parent material and/or machining eccentricities and can in many cases be equivalent to several times the rotor’s weight at rotational speed.

A rotating mass would be considered to be dynamically balanced when no centrifugal force or couple is produced during rotation. A balanced system can rotate without requiring external force or couple other than that required to support its weight. Unbalance in such a system would place stress on the bearings, resulting in undesirable vibration.

Dynamic balancing services

Accurate Balancing Equipments offers In-House Dynamic Balancing Services for all the rotating components having

Dynamic Balancing Service


0.5 kg to 30 tons

Dynamic Balancing Services

Length Upto:

upto 13.5 meter

Dynamic Balancing Services


upto 5 meter

Dynamic Balancing Services


upto 3500 RPM


We have installed world renowned SCHENCK Dynamic Balancing Machines with up-dated technology.

Our Balancing capacity is from 0.500 Kg. to 30 Tons, on different Models of SCHENCK Machines.

This enables us to service varied Balancing needs of our Customers.

All balancing is performed to the industry ISO standard for Dynamic Balancing for the application and part supplied.

ISO 1940/1 for Dynamic Balancing G1, G2.5, G6.3 as per the Job application and customer requirement.

In some cases, a component requires a mandrel or modification to enable either mounting in the machine or attachment of correction weights. Our experienced engineers can design and manufacture the necessary parts, taking into account the required tolerance.

The dynamic balancing process will help save money and keep equipment in working order for years to come!

We provide Dynamic Balancing Services to various Industrial Sectors. These services are availed by OEM (Mass / Bulk Production), Process Plants, Engineering Workshop etc.

Dynamic balancing services
Dynamic balancing services

Reasons you Might Require Dynamic Balancing Services

Mismatched lengths of keys and keyways

Parts haven't been assembled properly

Shifting mass due to lose parts or poorly Tapered hub fits

Structure Level Not Maintain as per Machine Standard

Manufacturing Defect

Thermal and mechanical distortion

Impeller erosion

Previous balancing attempts have been unsuccessful

Internal part corrosion

Dust deposition / to remove dirt build-up

Casting imperfections, voids and inclusions

Minimizes noise.

Extends bearing life.

Lowers energy costs

A well-balanced electric motor is a quiet electric motor.

Low vibration

Increase productivity

Increase bearing life

Reduces structural stress.




Process rolls


All rotating parts

High-speed tooling & grinding wheels

Fans and blowers

Pump impellers

Electrical motor rotors

Process rolls & pulleys

Air pulleys and sheaves

Compressor components

Gears & crankshafts

Bearing spindle assemblies

Centrifuges baskets & drums

Printing rollers & dum

Cutting tools & spm rotors

Electric motor armatures

Fans and blowers

Pump impellers

All types of drums

Spindle assemblies and shafts



Pump impellers

Motor rotors

Fans and blowers

Air pulleys and sheaves



Turbine rotors

Fly wheels & pulleys

Generators & motor rotors