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Vibration Monitors 7000 Series

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Vibration Monitors 7000 Series

Vibration Monitors 7000 Series

Product Type

Vibration measuring instruments

About Product

These are DIN sized instrument for continuous vibration monitoring with optional relay which operates on the vibration level exceeding the set-level. 1 channel and 2 channel versions are available.


Chemical Industry, Engineering Industries, Iron & Steel Industry

Product Features

Input Fault indication.

As per IS 11724 requirements.

Accelerometer sensor with built-in amplifier suitable for mounting upto 30m.

User-settable Alarm level.

Option of Alarm relay contact output.

DIN sized Vibration Monitors with Velocity and/or Displacement modes.

Technical Specification

Sensor Piezo-electronic Accelerometer with built-in charge amplifier in Stainless Steel body.
Measurement Modes Acceleration OR Velocity OR Displacement (Choose only one for single channel. Double channel instrument can be custom built for any two modes)
Acceleration : 0-199.9 m/sec2 True RMS.
Velocity 0-199.9 mm/sec True RMS
Displacement 0-1999 microns Pk-Pk
Frequency Range 10Hz-1kHz (600-60,000 Cycles per minute)
Power Supply AC 230 V +10%; 50 Hz ; 5VA
Display3 ‰ digital LCD
Alarm Relay2A, 28VDC relay in 70X2 models. (X=1ch or 2ch) In two channel model, the alarm relay works in OR configuration – ie when either of the channel exceeds the set level, the relay operates.
Alarm Reset Relay automatically resets when level comes within set level.
Temperature range 0-45 Deg C upto 90% humidity (non-condensing)
Enclosure DIN sized Aluminum enclosure 90mm X 90mm X 150mm (D) excluding bezel
Bezel: 90 X 90 mm. Allow approx 80mm at rear for connectors and wires entry.
Ordering Information Model 70XY- A/V/D ; where X=1 for single channel, 2 for two channel Y=1 for Display only and 2 for Alarm Relay A/V/D stands for Acceleration/Vel/Displacement Contact us for non-standard execution.
Standard Accessories 701X: 1 Sensor with 3m lead, & magnetic base, 702X: 2 sensors with 3m lead each, & magnetic base, Operation Manual