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Vibration Monitoring System 8000

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Vibration Monitoring System 8000

Vibration Monitoring System 8000

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Vibration monitoring systems

About Product

The 8000 is a modular vibration monitoring system with each plug-in module dedicated to monitor a single channel. 6 such modules can be fitted in a sub-rack, having a common scanning type indicator. Each module has 3 user settable limits, each triggering a relay when exceeded.


Chemical Industry, Engineering Industries, Iron & Steel Industry

Technical Specification

Sensors Double shielded - Piezo-electronic Accelerometer with built-in charge amplifier in plated brass body. Sensors require 4 holes to be drilled and tapped M5 at the measuring spot. 5m Integral cable with SS conduit.
Measurement Modes Acceleration OR Velocity (Choose either one for a group of 6 modules)
Maximum no of channels 6 per subrack sharing Power supply and display module. Each module is plug-in removable and connects to one sensor.
Acceleration 0-199.9 m/sec2 True RMS.
Velocity 0-199.9 mm/sec True RMS
Frequency Range 10Hz-1kHz (600-60,000 Cycles per minute)
Power Supply AC 230 V +10%; 50 Hz ; 5VA
Display 3 ‰ digital LCD scanning type display common to six measurement modules. Scanning can be paused at any module.
Alarm Relays Each module has three relays corresponding to Alarm1, Alarm2 and trip. Each relay operate when corresponding set levels are exceeded.
Alarm Reset Manually operated reset button
Temperature range 0-45 Deg C upto 90% humidity (non-condensing)
Enclosure DIN sized 19" Aluminum subrack 482mm (W) X 133mm (H) X 320mm (D). Allow approx 100mm at rear for connectors and wires entry.
Ordering Information Model 8000- N A/V ; where N= no of modules required (Max 6 per subrack) A/V stands for Acceleration/Vel
Standard Accessories N sensors with 5m integral cable, N/3 nos junction boxes and Operation Manual