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Vibration Meter 2040

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Vibration Meter 2040

Vibration Meter 2040

Product Type

Vibration measuring instruments

About Product

This is a general purpose low cost Vibration Meter for assessment of machinery vibration, with digital display for spot measurement of Vibration in Velocity/Displacement. Suitable for overall Vibration Severity Assessment measurement as per IS11724


Chemical Industry, Engineering Industries, Iron & Steel Industry

Product Features

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Sensor can be applied with touch probe or magnetic base.

Accelerometer sensor with ultra-flexible lead and built-in amplifier.

As per IS 11724 requirements.

Hand Held Vibration Meter with Velocity and Displacement modes.

Technical Specification

Sensor : Piezo-electronic Accelerometer with built-in charge amplifier in Stainless Steel body
Velocity : 0-199.9 mm/sec or 0-19.99 mm/sec True RMS
Displacement : 0-1999 microns or 0-199.9 microns Pk-Pk
Frequency Range : 10Hz-1kHz (600-60,000 Cycles per minute)
Battery : 4 X AA alkaline cells
Display : 3 ‰ digital LCD with Lo Batt. Indication
Temperature range : 0-45 Deg C upto 90% humidity (non-condensing)
Dimensions : 175 (L) x 70 (W) x 27 (D) mm.
Weight : 400 gms approx, including battery
Standard Accessories Sensor with 2m lead, Touch Probe, Magnetic base, AC Charger, Folio type carrying case, Operation Manual