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Vibration Analyzer cum Portable Balancer 6050

Vibration Analyzer cum Portable Balancer 6050

Product Type

Vibration measuring instruments

About Product - Vibration Analyzer

This is a microprocessor based Vibration Measuring, analysis and balancing instrument with memory for Analysis results and PC data transfer for trending the spectral information and printing Magnitude v/s frequency plots. It also has inbuilt balancing programs for 1-plane and 2-plane balancing.


Chemical Industry, Engineering Industries, Iron & Steel Industry

Product Features

As per IS 11724 requirements.

Accelerometer sensor with built-in amplifier suitable for mounting upto 30m.

Fault finding of the likely causes of vibrations in machinery through frequency analysis.

1-Plane and 2-Plane balancing programs, in-built in the firmware which makes site-balancing easy.

PC USB interface for transfer of Vibration Specra to PC.

PC software VS22 provided for condition monitoring.

Portable instrument for In-Situ Balancing, Vibration Measurement, Analysis.

Technical Specification

Inputs Two inputs for accelerometers, one for reference tachosensor
Measurement Modes Acceleration (RMS- m/sec2);
Bearing Spike (RMSm/sec2);
Velocity (RMS-mm/sec);
Displacement (PK-Pkmicrons)
Measurement Ranges Three manually selectable ranges and Auto-ranging.
Acceleration 0-2.5 to 0-250 m/sec2 True RMS in 3 scales.
Velocity 0-2.5 to 0-250 mm/sec True RMS in 3 scales.
Displacement 0-25 to 0-2500 microns Pk-Pk in 3 scales.
Frequency Range ISO (10Hz-1kHz); 1Hz-1kHz ; 1Hz-10kHz; 10Hz-10kHz
Measurements Overall Vibration measurement as per selected mode Synchronous Vibration measurement through Auto tracking filter Cartesian (x,y) or Polar (amount,angle) Vibration vector measurement Min/Max/Mean of 20 overall readings
Frequency Analysis Microprocessor controlled frequency analysis over 1 Hz-10kHz with constant percentage bandwidth filter in 1% steps over 1 Hz-1kHz and 2% steps over 1kHz10kHz. Facility to Pause scanning at any frequency Automatic Peak finding and display routine. Saving in Data Memory for later transfer to PC
Data Memories Adequate for storing 24 spectra. After transfer to the PC, an almost infinite spectra can be stored on the disk of the PC.
Balalncing Single Plane Balancing Single Plane re-balancing without trial weight Two-plane Balancing Two-plane re-balancing without trial weights Easy to follow procedure with prompting of steps.
Dimensions 288 (W) x 280 (H) x 102 (D) mm. Supplied fitted in a foam-lined briefcase
Battery Internal rechargeable battery. Approx charge life of 6- 10 hours continuous use, and a life of approx 500 deep cycles.
Battery charger Separately supplied as standard accessory
Temperature range 0-45 Deg C upto 90% humidity (non-condensing)
Weight 2.8 Kgms approx. without carrying case
Standard Accessories 1 Sensor with 3m lead, 1 Magnetic base, 1 reference sensor, 1 magnetic stand, 1 battery charger, Briefcase type carrying case, and 1 Operation Manual
NOTE: 2 Plane balancing requires 2 sensors.