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Vertical Pneumatic Scissors Automatic Balancers

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Vertical Pneumatic Scissors Automatic Balancers


Workpiece Material: Aluminum.

Distance between the upper and lower blades should be more than 8 mm.

Fixture hole: 8 mm customizable.

Manual loading & unloading others are fully automatic.

Specially developed for the dynamic balance test of vacuum cleaner impeller.

Technical Specification

Vertical Pneumatic Scissors Automatic Balancing Machines

Technical data at a glance A1LJ1
Max Weight of Workpiece (kg) 0.5
Max Diameter of Workpiece (mm) 70-140
Distance between the Upper and Lower Blades (mm) >10
Diameter of Fixture hole (mm)(Customizable) φ8
Workpiece Material Aluminum
Punching Shear Diameter (mm) 8
Max. Thickness of Punching Shear Material(mm) 1
Balancing Speed(r/min ) ~1500(Stepless Speed Regulation)
Min. Achievable Residual Unbalance/Each Plane (e mar ) ≤0.1g·mm/kg
Motor Power(kW) Panasonic Servo 0.1
Power Supply AC220V,single-phase,50HZ
HMI 12” Weinview
System ABE-800
Once Reduction Ratio 95%